The TCA College Tour Advantage

  • Students visit campuses they otherwise would not consider, allowing for the chance to be pleasantly surprised. This happens to every student on every tour.
  • Students can visit more campuses, allowing for more breadth in the college search.
  • Our campus visits typically enjoy our own campus tours and information sessions, rather than joining the regular and much larger tours and sessions.
  • Our campus tours typically are divided between 2-3 tour guides for just our group, allowing for a much more in-depth experience with current students. That also allows us to compare and contrast multiple tour guide experiences during our debrief sessions.
  • Our programs are significantly less expensive than traveling on your own as a family.
  • Our programs allow more campus visits than visiting on your own as a family.
  • Our debrief workshops and seminar sessions allow students to gain substantial college counseling foundations, making our students far more sophisticated about their college searches. This proves invaluable later for students as they continue with the college counseling process at their schools.
  • Our comparison/contrast sessions on colleges beyond our itineraries allow students to learn far more about far more colleges and universities beyond the scope of our tour itinerary. This saves students and families even more money and allows for maximum exposure to colleges and universities.
  • Our students have fun! We want our students to learn a lot, but we also want our students to enjoy themselves.
  • We have only glowing reviews from our former students, many of whom still keep in touch with us and even serve as our campus tour guides for our tours in the future. You can see testimonials from our former students HERE and testimonials from college counselors HERE.

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“Bill was a fantastic college tour leader. Though we were touring campuses on the East Coast, he drew my attention to U Chicago, as he believed it would fit my bill. The school’s culture, campus life, and rigor seemed like exactly what I was looking for. I applied on his recommendation and can’t imagine going anywhere else today!”

James S.
University of Chicago
Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa, California

Students on college tour in the winter