Admission Officer Testimonials

“The College Authority is the authority on college tours. Students come away very informed and excited about the college search process. I look forward to personally conducting the information sessions for The College Authority each time a group visits Richmond. Bill Rubin is terrific.”

Gil J. Villanueva
Associate Vice President and Dean of Admission
University of Richmond

“Bill Rubin’s TCA college tours bring extensive knowledge, experience, and high energy to tailor a college tour that goes beyond campus information sessions and campus tours.  He takes the time to get to know students and families and shares incredible insight.  He encourages students to be thoughtful, confident and take ownership of their process.  Bill takes some of the stress out of the college search and makes it fun again!”

Tania Castro Bradt
Former Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admission
Stanford University

“Bill’s tours are thorough, well organized, and offer great value. His insight into the college process and his knowledge of many different colleges and universities ensures that students are exposed to an incredible variety of schools, and also learn what makes a competitive applicant to college. His engaging personality makes his tours highly enjoyable for students, as well.”

Karen Felton
Former Director of Undergraduate Admissions
George Washington University

“During my years in admissions at a top fifteen research university, The College Authority groups always were timely, well-sized, respectful, and engaging. A deft relationship builder with students, parents, and institutions alike, Bill works to provide his families a thoughtful, nuanced view of the college admission landscape.”

Amy B.
Former Associate Director of Admissions

“Bill Rubin has earned high regard across our admissions world for being a true professional. He has a mastery of the ins and outs of an enormous number of colleges and their admission processes. Bill’s in-depth knowledge of college campuses–built from not only continual touring but from personal relationships with scores of admissions officers–makes him one of the best possible resources of information and support for students.”

Rachel Korn
Former Regional Admissions Director
University of Pennsylvania

“Bill Rubin truly understands the landscape of higher education. The student groups he brought to the Penn campus were always extremely prepared and knew how to make the most out of their visit. I knew I could count on Bill to reinforce facts and properly address any questions the students might have had after visiting. The range of schools he exposes students to is impressive and curated with purpose. I absolutely recommend his tours.”

Jordan Pascucci
Co-Director of College Counseling, Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pennslyvania
Former Associate Dean of International Admission, University of Pennsylvania

“I have known Bill Rubin for over a decade and can assure you that his TCA tours are among the very best in the business. Our staff loves working with him because he is extremely organized and professional but is also very personable and funny. Bill has an encyclopedic knowledge of colleges and a deep network of admissions colleagues. A combination professor, camp counselor, and travel agent, Bill Rubin is great at what he does, and the students and colleges both benefit.”

Jennifer Simons
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Tufts University

“Working with Bill Rubin through the past 10 years has been a pleasure. The College Authority consistently brings talented groups of students to our campus. Bill is a strong advocate for students and counselors, and he makes valuable connections with admissions professionals. We always did our best to accommodate his requests.”

Valeria Marchand Welsh
Co-Director of College Counseling, Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pennslyvania
Former Associate Dean of Admission, University of Pennsylvania

“Having seen Bill’s work from both the admissions side and in the field, I can say without a doubt that Bill is the consummate professional. He’s meticulously organized, has a deep understanding and knowledge of college admission, and undeniably is an absolute pleasure to work with. While on a college tour, Bill’s friendly, open. and honest way of communicating encourages students to ask questions and have intelligent conversations. Bill understands the admission process from beginning to end and he’s able to share that knowledge in a professional, practical and fun way.”

Radia Alouache
Senior Associate Director of Admission
Loyola Marymount University