Counselor Testimonials

“A College Authority tour isn’t just a chance for students to visit colleges, it is a master class in the college admissions process.  Our students have always returned from the trips, not just with more knowledge, but also with a more sophisticated understanding of what is to come. The trips are designed to hit the perfect match of information, exploration, and fun.  From punctuality, to safety, to communication with parents, Bill’s tours are second to none, and he’s able to do this all while developing relationships with each and every student on the bus.”

David Rion
Director of College Counseling
Sonoma Academy, Santa Rosa, California

“Bill is a phenomenal tour guide! Our students return from his tours not only with immense perspective on their college options but also with a sense of independence and ownership of their college search. Bill provides so much more than just brick and mortar tours of college campuses; he challenges students to be self-reflective and discerning, and they return from the experience more mature, primed and enthusiastic about the exciting next stage of their life.”

Djiara Meehan
Director of College Counseling, St. John’s School, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Former Associate Director of College Counseling, Ransom Everglades School, Miami, Florida

“The College Authority consistently provides professional, well-planned, informative, and energy-packed college tour experiences. Even on a full bus, Bill Rubin goes one step further to get to know each student and to engage in conversations about different colleges that are not on that particular tour.  Each student leaves a TCA tour not only with personalized information, but with self-confidence on envisioning the upcoming process.”

Steve Frappier
Former Director of College Counseling
Ransom Everglades School, Miami, Florida

“The TCA tour experience is unique within the professionally run college tour community. Bill Rubin has an encyclopedic knowledge of colleges and universities, as well as the broader college admission process. He has so many former students and professional contacts on so many different college campuses that students get genuine insight into college culture and opportunities specific to each.”

Heather Keddie
Former Director of College Counseling, Archer School for Girls, Brentwood, California
Former Director of College Counseling, Sage Hill School, Newport Beach, California

“We have worked with Bill for the past six years and his service to our sophomores and juniors has been outstanding. The tours are very well organized, and I particularly appreciate Bill’s ability to communicate both opportunities and realities to our students.  We appreciate his expertise and support of our efforts as counselors. The students returning from the tours are well informed and have reflected well on what is important to them. We recommend The College Authority tours without hesitation and will continue our relationship as long as Bill can keep up the pace!

Katy Murphy
Director of College Guidance
Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, California

“I first met Bill Rubin as an admission officer at Wesleyan University. Bill talked so easily about Wesleyan, knew so many insider tips about Middletown, that for several years I thought he was a Wesleyan alum! Turns out that Bill has that kind of detailed, insider knowledge about many of the colleges he visits. I have seen that knowledge firsthand in traveling both with student groups and with groups of counselors. Visiting colleges with TCA makes my students much more sophisticated consumers of college information. All of my students who go on TCA tours come back ready to take charge of their process.”

Ralph Figueroa
Director of College Counseling
Albuquerque Academy, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Bill Rubin’s understanding and inside knowledge of colleges and the college process are superb. His deep working relationships with the colleges allows the students on his tour to get an insider look of the schools and to make informed decisions on what suits them best.”

Michèle Krauthamer
Former Dean
Crossroads School, Santa Monica, California

“The College Authority works with you to design the best college visits for your students. Bill Rubin is extremely knowledgeable of all the schools we visit and beyond and has good rapport with the admission staff. Our trips are seamless, informative, organized and comfortable.”

Danny Reynolds
Associate Head of School
Palmer Trinity School, Coral Gables, Florida

“Bill Rubin is, by far, one of the best college admission counseling professionals I know. Bill’s vast knowledge of campus cultures and admission trends is almost as impressive as his professionalism and sense of humor. Kids love him. Admission officers welcome him. Parents respect him. Bill’s the best, and The College Authority tours are the best.”

Andrea Satariano
Director of College Counseling
Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

“The reason The College Authority tours are so successful goes beyond the fact that he has planned each leg of the journey carefully and thoughtfully, with an eye toward exposing students to a wide variety of campuses and programs. He pushes students and is a great sounding board. Bill offers a wealth of information about the search process, the application, and beyond.”

Sandra Michelman
Associate Director of College Counseling
Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, Massachusetts

“I have known and worked with Bill Rubin of The College Authority for the past 12 years. The College Authority tours are very well organized and informative and Bill does a great job of making sure students visit a wide variety of colleges. Bill is also exceptionally punctual and extremely knowledgeable as a tour leader; I affectionately refer to him as a ‘Walking Fiske Guide!’ Our students always return raving about the experience. I highly recommend The College Authority!”

Amy Wintermeyer
Co-Director of College Counseling
Athenian School, Danville, California

“Not only is Bill a great tour guide, he is quite knowledgeable about the college search and application process.  We have had him present on both the selective college admission process and making the most of a college visit.  His insight, humor, and speaking skills are fantastic.  Most importantly, my students who join his college tours always come away understanding the importance of self-assessment in the college application process.”

Julie Rollins
Director of College Counseling
Episcopal High School, Houston, Texas

“Our students returned from their TCA college tour with a clearer sense of what type of college would fit their needs. The tour gave them just the right dose of independence and autonomy. Bill Rubin mixes humor and expertise, challenging students to defend their opinions and encouraging them to engage in rich dialogue about their personal preferences. The logistics of the trip are expertly handled; all students have to do is dive into the process of self-discovery. Students also have fun along the way.”

Matt Lane
Co-Director of College Counseling
Branson School, Ross, California

“I was definitely impressed with Bill’s tours. Bill does an excellent job selecting colleges for the tours. Bill debriefs with the students after every visit to help them process their experience. Bill is extremely bright, organized, personable, and knowledgeable. The tours are fun, interesting, and a very good value.   I recommend them as an excellent investment in the future for any student.”

Joanne Ehret
College Counselor
Beckman High School, Irvine, California

“Having traveled with Bill and The College Authority many times, I can attest to how much we all gained from Bill’s knowledge and experience. I especially appreciate his very honest and direct approach. Bill is masterful at encouraging students to be thoughtful and discerning — never to accept anything at face value, but to consider and balance everything with context and perspective. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and ask good questions, instead of simply registering new information. Bill provides a college visit experience second to none.”

Katherine Thomas
Director of College Counseling, North Yarmouth Academy, Yarmouth, Maine
Former Director of College Counseling, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Virginia

“Who wants to take 50+ high school students on a bus tour to see a dozen colleges in five days? Thank goodness, Bill Rubin does. Drawing on his extensive contacts in college admission offices and pulling from a deep bench of expert college counselors who chaperone alongside him, no one is more passionate about delivering a great campus tour than Bill. He has been graciously accommodating my students on his tours for over a decade, and I trust him to deliver accurate information about a wide variety of colleges so that my students can begin to make distinctions between campuses and programs. Students are more prepared to talk definitively about what they want out of their college experience after touring with The College Authority.”

Melissa Palmer
Co-Director of College Counseling
Oakwood School, North Hollywood, CA

“I cannot say enough great things about Cate's experience with College Authority.  Besides coordinating a well-organized and useful experience for our students, the real added value is Bill Rubin himself.  His endless knowledge about so many different colleges and universities was a real bonus.  Our students remarked that some of the most valuable information gained from the tour was asking Bill questions about other colleges on the bus between visits!”

Tamar Adegbile
Director of College Counseling
Cate School, Carpinteria, CA

“I have been sending high school sophomores and juniors on college tours with Bill Rubin and The College Authority for more than 15 years. I have served as a chaperone on many tours and have traveled with Bill on a number of counselor tours he organized. I never doubted that my students would be well-cared for and treated with respect and professionalism on Bill’s tours, and I have never been disappointed! Bill is an expert and knows a great deal about colleges and universities throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada. I highly recommend The College Authority and Bill Rubin.”

Alice Cotti
Principal, Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks. California
Former Director of College Counseling, Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California

“College tour planning can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but not with The College Authority! Bill Rubin did a fantastic job planning and organizing our college tour.  With his wonderful relationships with admission officers across the country and his expertise in planning the ultimate campus visit, our tour was seamless.  Every detail was taken care of, so we were able to relax and enjoy spending time with our students. Thanks TCA!”

Dr. Jawaan Wallace
Director of College Counseling
Brentwood School, Brentwood, California

“Without exaggeration, I can say that Bill Rubin is one of the most knowledgeable college admissions and guidance professionals I have known in more than twenty years of working in education. Bill loves to get to know individual students, and he works very hard to make The College Authority tours both informative and fun. In particular, Bill has deep expertise in the study of science and engineering, which makes him a rare resource among his colleagues. Bill Rubin is one of a kind: he is a terrific resource and he makes touring colleges a lot of fun.”

Kirk Smothers
Head of School, Delaware Valley Friends School, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Former Director of College Counseling, Calhoun School, New York, New York

“I have chaperoned several tours with The College Authority. I am impressed by the depth and breadth of Bill Rubin’s knowledge, as well as with his careful planning and organization. The trips run like clockwork. The College Authority offers so much more than a week of college visits. The comprehensive programming allows students to walk away with knowledge about the entire college process, and a confidence that there are many schools that could be a great fit.”

Judy Pezza Rasetti
Associate Director of College Counseling, Waterford School, Sandy, UT
Former Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission, Georgetown University

“We choose to work with The College Authority because of the depth and breadth of the tours, Bill Rubin’s decades of knowledge and experience, and the insight this practical survey of college options provides for our students. I like that by collaborating with The College Authority we gain an additional reliable voice and expertise to assist in the students’ college discernment process.”

Philip Petrone
Director of College Counseling
Marymount High School, Los Angeles, California

“The College Authority trips teach the students so much. The entire trip is beautifully organized. Students learn how to take a tour and sift through the details. Bill teaches students how to get to the substance of each college.  He gives each student the chance to share and form opinions so that they could see the individual fit. He treats them like young adults and expects mature behavior, and he makes the trip very fun and safe for them.”

Mark Rasic
Director of College Counseling
Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California

“Bill opens so many doors on each campus as he knows the admission staff and the colleges intimately. His attention to detail, organization and ability to anticipate what is needed only maximizes the experiences for those on tour. In short, he makes what can be a daunting and expensive trip look easy and makes it a bargain.”

Jean Wall
Director of College Counseling
Tampa Preparatory School, Tampa, Florida

“Bill Rubin is organized, efficient, personable, and knowledgeable. His tours introduce students to a variety of college campuses, including the chance to explore the college towns, an often overlooked but important part of college research. My students have enjoyed participating in The College Authority tours; they return home much more knowledgeable about college campuses, with greater confidence in their ability to independently navigate the college application process.”

Gabrielle McColgan
Former Associate Director of College Counseling
St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano, California

“The College Authority tour was the smoothest student trip I have ever been on. Hotels, bus, and appointments went off with out a hitch. It was great to have a trip leader who is highly knowledgeable about colleges and who could reinforce the importance of fit before prestige.  Bill Rubin takes care of everything. We will use The College Authority again and again and again.”

Brad Jackson
Director of College Counseling
San Domenico School, San Anselm, California

“It’s clear that TCA tours are designed to push students to think about the pros and cons of each college and how to think about building their college list.  Bill challenges students to look beyond the prestige of a college to whether it is a match for them.  The students really enjoyed him—he even has his own Facebook fan page!”

Sally Ganga
Former Director of College Counseling, Chadwick School, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California
Former Director of College Counseling, Archer School for Girls, Brentwood, California

“Bill’s tours are very well organized and extremely well run. My students who have participated in The College Authority tours have benefited greatly from their experience.”

Ed Schoenberg
College Counselor
Bellarmine Preparatory School, San Jose, California

“Bill Rubin is not your average college tour coordinator; he certainly knows how to book flights and hotels, but more importantly he loves to guide and counsel students in the college search process. I have traveled with Bill on many college tours and am always impressed with his unique ability to engage and lead high school students.  Bill makes his tours fun and rewarding for everyone. If you are looking for someone with keen attention to detail, extensive college knowledge, and high level of energy, then I strongly recommend Bill Rubin and The College Authority.”

Claudia Jolivert
Senior Associate Director of College Counseling, Palmer Trinity School, Coral Gables, Florida
Former Associate Director of College Counseling, Ransom Everglades School, Miami, Florida

“From logistics and planning, to communication with families, to setting bold and clear expectations, to providing students with a tremendous college tour experience, I was very pleased with Bill Rubin and The College Authority.  Bill’s deeply insightful feedback about each college tour stop keeps students engaged throughout the week and challenges them to be thoughtful about what they experience. Reasonably-priced, tailored to your needs, not to mention intimate, engaging and safe, college tours with The College Authority undoubtedly complement the college counseling efforts of many secondary schools across the country. I gladly recommend The College Authority!”

Nicole Thompson
College Counselor, American School in London, London, UK
Former Associate Director of College Counseling, Sage Hill School, Newport Beach, California

“The College Authority is a leader in the field. Bill’s college tours are some of the finest I’ve ever experienced. Bill makes sure his tours are housed in the most convenient and comfortable hotels – a big plus when traveling frequently from college to college, from city to city. Bill is a font of information vis a vis the colleges visited and is a great resource for all questions and concerns. Bill also works well with the students. I recommend Bill with the highest confidence.”

Elsa von Heydenreich
Director of College Counseling, Sequoyah High School, Pasadena, California
Former Director of College Counseling, Immaculate Heart High School, Los Angeles, California

“TCA college tours are well organized and run very efficiently.  Bill Rubin spends extensive time with the group debriefing visits and discussing a wide variety of colleges and topics relating to the college admission process.  The information and insights provided by Bill make this trip much more than just a string of campus tours.”

Mark Van Warmerdam
Co-Director of College Counseling
Athenian School, Danville, California