What’s Different About Us?

The Case Study Approach

TCA college tours visit campuses that are small, medium sized, and large; that are urban, suburban, and rural; with progressive and traditional cultures; with Gothic, Georgian, colonial, and modernist architecture; with cultures emphasizing sports, the arts, intellectual life, and/or pre-professional pursuits; and with students with wide ranges of interests. Visiting such widely different colleges allows students to discover the incredible variety available and what aspects most appeal to them.

Evening Free Time

TCA college tours do not program our evenings. We prefer for students to have free time to enjoy themselves and explore the cities and towns where we stay overnight.  We are not fans of forced regimens of bowling, shows, and other activities. The tour visit agenda is busy enough; students need a break to have fun.

Debriefs on the Bus

TCA college tours debrief each campus visit, helping to answer questions, challenge perceptions, and dispel any bad information. Students can participate as much or as little as they choose.

Seminars on the Bus

TCA college tours discuss ancillary college counseling topics that impact the college selection process: liberal arts vs pre-professional education, selectivity vs academic rigor, financial aid, professional schools, athletics, Greek life, diversity, etc. Students can participate as much or as little as they choose.

College Explorations on the Bus

TCA college tours open discussion to colleges and universities beyond our itinerary. Mr. Rubin takes requests and offers comparison/contrast summaries of colleges throughout the USA, UK, and Canada based on the interests of our students. Mr. Rubin often visits colleges and universities across the world to stay current for these summaries.


TCA college tours are intended to be as fun as they are informative and educational. We want students to learn and to have fun at the same time.

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“I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the college scene than my tour with The College Authority and Bill Rubin. Beyond the diversity and quality of the schools we visited, Bill gave me a strong sense for what to look for in a school and the freedom to observe and discuss my own preferences.”

Milan M.
Stanford University
Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California